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Take pictures of graphs and turn them into numbers
Digitize My Data
Convert pictures of data to numbers I can use in my analysis

Dagra Graph Digitizer

Trace printed graphs with smooth Bezier curves.
Import the data into your favorite analysis software.

Digitize, extract numerical data from printed graphs

Digitizing with Dagra

Import the Graph

Import the Graph

Dagra supports importing graphs:

  • by pasting an image from the clipboard
  • using the built-in screen-shot tool
  • loading an image from many files including bmp, png, jpeg, tif and more
Trace Graphs

Trace Graphs

Digitize scatter plots or quickly trace smooth series with Bezier curves. You'll get accurate data from even low resolution images.

Work with linear, natural-log, or base-10 log axes.

Place multiple axes to trace data from different scales.

Export Numerical Data

Export Numerical Data

Data you digitize in Dagra can be used in nearly any data analysis or plotting package including: Excel, Matlab, MathCad, R and more …

Dagra saves numerical data to tab- or comma-delimited text files.

Or copy and paste with the clipboard.

Accurate Tracing

With Dagra, you’ll use Bezier curves to digitize data.

Similar to the tools you’d find in CAD or drawing applications, Bezier curves let you get an accurate, smooth trace of your data very quickly.

And smooth curves will give you nice derivatives for spectral datasets.

LM35 thermal resistance digitized with Dagra

Digitize from Datasheets

Datasheets provide a wealth of design information which is often presented graphically.

Use Dagra to digitize graphs in datasheets. Import the data into your design so your design calculations can update automatically.

Compare Data

Graphs let you compare digitized data visually.

Whether you want to show the colour of a light-emitting diode with context from the eye’s response, or show local temperature measurements against global trends, Dagra lets you digitize the data from multiple sources to pull them together on a single graph.

Compare digitized data

Build Dynamic Models

After tracing with Dagra, you can load the data into your favourite analysis tool.

Using linear interpolation to ‘lookup’ values from the digitized data lets you build models that update automatically as design parameters change.

  • Intelligent and easy to use application for grabbing data from graphs for MathCAD, Excel, Matlab

  • The program in its present form already shows much thought and care in its design.I want to thank you for creating this tool, it's a profound timesaver for my current work.

    R. Berry Redmond, WA, USA
  • I am a researcher in RF and Microwave domain. I found this software very useful for the analysis of data from a graph by digitizing the data points.

    R. Yadav
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Trace accurate numerical data for your analysis

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